Federal-Aviation-Administration Issues Record of Approval for Tweed Airport

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Federal Aviation Administration Issues Record of Approval for Tweed Airport Noise Study
July 31, 2013 - NEW HAVEN-The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a Record of Approval for a Noise Compatibility Program developed by Tweed-New Haven Regional Airport.
The FAA approved the majority of the 21 recommendations made by the airport in the FAR Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study it completed in November 2012.
As a result of FAA’s acceptance of the Noise Exposure Maps produced by the study, there are residences which may qualify for purchase and homes which may be eligible for sound insulation financed with federal funds. Implementation of these measures, in areas designated by the study, is both voluntary and will depend on the availability of federal financing. Tweed must apply and successfully compete with other airports to be awarded funds from FAA.
Tweed Airport’s Executive Director Tim Larson said FAA’s approval of the noise program was “an important first step for the airport and its neighbors. The Airport Authority will take a close look at what we can do right away to move forward.”
This study thoroughly analyzed flight tracks, weather patterns, hours of operation and the type of aircraft that use the airport. This data was used to model the average decibel noise levels at properties surrounding the airport and plot noise levels on Noise Exposure Maps. These maps are what the FAA uses to determine which properties may be eligible for federal monies.
The noise study also examined current land use and zoning in the vicinity of Tweed. While several measures were recommended and approved by FAA, implementation would be within the authority of the City of New Haven and the Town of East Haven.
Land use planning measures included establishing an Airport Noise Overlay District, real estate disclosure, and building code modifications that would require the use of sound insulation materials such as windows and doors designed to reduce the transmission of outdoor sound to the interior of homes.
The next critical steps are to secure funding for the implementation for the recommendations. The Airport Authority will be pursuing funding in the fiscal year 2014 Airport Improvement Program for implementation of two of the recommendations:
• Engineering evaluation of homes within the 65 dB noise contour to determine eligibility for the sound insulation program, and
• A feasibility study for a noise barrier on the west and east side of the airport boundary along Burr Street and Thompson Avenue.
Furthermore, the Airport Authority will be prioritizing, for future funding opportunities, the lists of on-airport property actions and off-airport property actions recommended by the noise study.
The Tweed-New Haven Airport Authority reviewed the FAA Record of Decision at its July 18 board meeting.
For more information about the noise study, please contact Mr. Tim Larson, Executive Director of Tweed New Haven Regional Airport at 203-466-8833.