Tweed to Philly and beyond

Traveling for business or pleasure, the journey starts simply from New Haven's growing regional airport, Tweed. Fly first to Philadelphia and connect to hundreds of destinations for less that it would cost to drive and park at our other nearest airports. These costs in time, stress, and dollars are seldom counted in the cost of travel. But they should be.

Fly the World from New Haven

  • Atlanta
  • Cancun
  • London
  • Miami
  • New Orleans
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • Montreal
  • Any Beyond...


Featured Destination

Los Angeles

Whether you’re famous or wish you could be, it’s always a good time to Fly Tweed New Haven to Los Angeles, California. The City of Angels is home to Hollywood, amusement parks, great sports teams and world class restaurants.

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Make the most of your layover

Shop. Conduct business or browse interesting shops for gifts and forgotten items.

Dine. Choose from local and regional restaurants to enjoy on the ground or in flight.

Explore. Enjoy changing art exhibits throughout the terminals, or get your nails done.