Yale University, New Haven

Tucked in the center of New Haven sits prestigious Yale University, which contributes significantly to the culture and atmosphere of the downtown area. Yale’s impact is prevalent in the numerous brownstone buildings and unique old architecture sprinkled through the city. Elm Street is constantly swarming with busy students scurrying to class or grabbing a bite to eat down Broadway. In addition, many of New Haven’s busy streets suddenly open up into the green campus parts of Yale.


The distinct air of the Ivy League can be felt along Broadway, which runs parallel to some of Yale’s residential areas. Broadway is the home to Yale’s Bookstore, which includes a large Barnes and Nobles, Yale apparel store and Starbucks café where students can often be seen downing coffee while pouring over their books or taking a break by skimming a magazine.

The street is also lined with numerous restaurant establishments including the popular chain Au Bon Pain, burger staple Educated Burger and Asian cuisine location Ivy Noodle. The whole Yale campus is surrounded by unique, fantastic eateries on York Street and nearby on Temple Street.

The Yale presence can also be found in the clothing shops along Broadway, which reflect the distinct Yalie style. Super trendy Urban Outfitters and preppy chic J.Crew and Gant are popular shopping destinations. Another popular shopping perk of Broadway is the brand new Apple store.

Dedication to the Arts

Yale is also responsible for the city’s most popular art galleries and museums, which provide the area with several rich cultural experiences.

Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History

The bronze torosaurus sculpture in front of the gorgeous antique looking building indicates that you’ve reached the Yale Peabody Museum, home to giant dinosaur skeletons and exhibits that range from ancient Egypt to Connecticut history.


Yale University Art Gallery

The university’s gallery is home to an impressive number of diverse pieces of artwork from every walk of life.  Some of the specialties of the gallery are early Italian painting, modern art, African tribal sculptures, and a fine impressionist collection including Van Gogh, Monet and Renoir.

Music at Yale

Yale is known for its distinct affinity for music. It’s acapella group, the Wiffenpoos, is one of the most well-known and oldest groups around. It is also home to an extraordinary collection of musical instruments for those interested in the history and variety of musical instruments. The renowned Yale Symphony Orchestra performs at the acoustically perfect Woolsey Hall.


Yale Facts

The New York Giants played at the Yale Bowl from 1973-1974 when Giants Stadium was under construction. Now it’s the home of the Yale Bull Dogs and the scene of the famous Yale vs. Harvard football game every fall.

The Yale Daily News, the student newspaper, is the oldest running college newspaper in America, and a voice for the country’s brightest up and comers.

Yale’s mascot, the bulldog, is named Handsome Dan. When a dog passes, Yale holds auditions for the newest member of the line. Their current mascot is number 17 since 1889.